Computer testing of your handpieces ensures the quality of our repairs.  When we return a repaired highspeed, we include a computer analysis printout.  This Spectrum analysis “picture of sound”  reveals at a glance that after repair your handpiece is smoother in operation by demonstrating the before and after speed and smoothness.   Concentricity is evaluated as well.   In the comments section we:


•    Interpret spectrum analysis

  1.    Provide further information about the handpiece’s performance

•    Send digital photos of any unusual conditions found in the repair

•    Inform you of the number of months/years of service you received on the repaired handpiece.

After receiving your handpiece, we run the instrument to determine the problem.  We will check all functions, including bearings, chuck, air and water leaks and clogs.

We will always notify you when any repair requires more than a standard rebuild per our price sheet or when your handpiece does not need repair.

We will always contact you when a handpiece is not worth repairing.

We strive for 24 hour turnaround on your handpiece.

Estimates are available upon request.

Perfection of repairs to the highest industry standards at reasonable prices, combined with prompt attentive service, make Shamrock Dental New Mexico the best choice you can make.  We are competitively priced and pay your freight charges into our lab as well as provide pickup and delivery service in the metro Albuquerque area.