The Biggest Causes of Premature Turbine Failure are:

•    Sterilizing the handpiece without running

  1.     Running handpiece in excess of manufacturers recommendations

  2.     Spraying handpiece with disinfectant chemical prior to sterilizing

  3.     Oiling an oil-free handpiece.

Over the years manufacturers have had mixed opinions on the necessity of lubricating after sterilization.  With the advent of the new lubrication products, most are saying “It is not necessary to lubricate after sterilization.”  Because of the many different makes and models of handpieces on the market today, we recommend that you follow the manufacturers advice on this matter or call and we will advise based on your instrument.

Lubrication and Sterilization Instructions for highspeed handpieces

  1. 1.Put 3 drops of EZ lube one step into air intake line.

  1. 2.Insert bur and run handpiece for 30 to 45 seconds until no lube is visible.  DO     NOT RUN HANDPIECE WITHOUT A BUR.

  1. 3.Remove bur, wipe off excess lube with alcohol only.  Bag in autoclave pouch with paper on at least one side.

  1. 4.Load in the sterilizer with “paper up” in the tray.

  1. 5.Remove from sterilizer immediately after complete cycle.  Allow to cool.

DO NOT - sterilize at temperatures above 275 degrees F or 135 degrees C.

DO NOT - use dry heat sterilizers.

DO NOT - remove handpiece from sterilizer prior to drying cycle.